Pre-test Questions

Q1. Menopause and the subsequent decline in estrogen increases a woman's risk for which of the following?
  a. Osteoporosis
  b. Cardiovascular disease
  c. Cognitive decline
  d. All of the above
Q2. Which of the following treatments for vasomotor symptoms of menopause would you NOT use in a woman with an intact uterus?
  a. Paroxetine 7.5mg daily oral tablet
  b. Conjugated estrogen/bazedoxifene 0.45mg/20mg daily oral tablet
c. Estradiol 0.025mg/day via transdermal patch as monotherapy
d. Conjugated estrogen/medroxyprogesterone 0.45mg/1.5mg daily oral tablet
Q3. Which of the following treatments for menopausal vasomotor symptoms would you AVOID in a woman with a personal history of ER/PR+ breast cancer?
  a. Black cohosh 40mg daily orally
  b. Gabapentin 900mg daily in divided doses orally
  c. Paroxetine 7.5mg daily orally
  d. Clonidine 0.1mg daily orally
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