Pre-test Questions

Q1. How familiar are you with the screening methods used for diagnosing patients with COPD?
  a. Not familiar
  b. Slightly familiar
  c. Familiar
  d. Very familiar
  e. Expert
Q2. Please rate your level of confidence in utilizing the 2017 GOLD guidelines for managing patients with COPD:
  a. Not confident
  b. Slightly confident
c. Confident
d. Very confident
  e. Expert
Q3. What proportion of your patients do you engage in decision-making for their COPD management plan?
  a. All of my patients
  b. More than 50% of my patients
  c. 25%-50% of my patients
  d. Less than 25% of my patients
  e. I do not engage my patients in decision-making
Q4. True or False? COPD is the third leading cause of loss of life in the United States.
  a. True
  b. False
Q5. What is a barrier to screening for COPD?
  a. Lack of questionnaires
  b. Low prevalence of COPD in the United States
  c. Ambiguous messaging about screening initiatives
  d. Lack of spirometry
Q6. What is the best way to determine a patient's need for maintenance therapy in COPD?
  a. FEV1
  b. Number of exacerbations
  c. Symptoms of the patient
  d. b and c
Q7. Which classes of medications have demonstrated a decrease rate of COPD exacerbations?
  a. LAMA
  b. ICS/ LABA
  d. PDE-4
  e. ALL of the above
Q8. Successful interventions that promote behavior change should:
  a. Be multifaceted
  b. Improve self-efficacy
  c. Focus on education
  d. a, b, and c
  e. None of the above
Q9. Example(s) of MET level 3, moderate physical activity studied in COPD is/are:
  a. Tai Chi/ Qi Gong
  b. Walking at a pace of 100 steps per minute for 20-30 minutes
  c. Yoga
  d. All of the Above
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