Pre-test Questions

Q1. Please rate your level of confidence in your ability to manage patients who have atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease:
  a. Not confident
  b. Slightly confident
  c. Confident
  d. Very confident
  e. Expert
Q2. In patients who do not have familial hypercholesterolemia, LDL-C levels of ≥190 mg/dL increase risk of major adverse cardiovascular events by:
  a. 1.5 fold
  b. 3 fold
c. 6 fold
d. 12 fold
  e. It is impossible to determine
Q3. Data from major clinical trials indicate that statins reduce CVD risk by approximately:
  a. 30%-35%
  b. 35%-50%
  c. 50%-65%
  d. 65%-70%
  e. >70%
Q4. Results from the IMPROVE-IT trial showed that ezetimibe, when added to simvastatin, reduced major adverse cardiovascular event rates, with a NNT (number needed to treat to prevent 1 event) of:
  a. 10
  b. 30
c. 50
d. 70
  e. 100
Q5. In prospective randomized efficacy trial (not post-hoc analysis), PCSK9 inhibition has been shown to reduce risk of major adverse cardiovascular events with use of:
  a. Alirocumab
  b. Bococizumab
  c. Evolocumab
  d. All of the above
  e. None of the above
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